FILOSOFI SENI BANGUN ISLAM (Ornamentasi Pada Arsitektur “Masjid Turen” Malang)

  • Musthofa ,


Boarding Salafiah Biharu Bahri 'Asali Fadlaailir Rahmah is visited by many tourists from home and abroad. They came to witness and enjoy the beauty of the architectural ornaments of this cottage. Some states are speculative and a priori because they feel admiration and emotion of beauty.
The ornamentation of this architecture in a way through the transfiguration of the function that is coating the basic building materials with a variety of motifs ornament, from the colors that are symmetrical so that it becomes beautiful. Through transfiguration structural function, a way to change the basic building, into a form better and beautiful. Understanding of this beauty through aesthetic philosophy that is about the values of beauty.
The beauty of the ornaments on this architecture can be viewed form (structure) the beautiful and diverse as calligraphy, geometric patterns are modified by natural images of plants, inanimate objects of architectural motifs. This beauty can be seen from the point of a variety of color and symmetrical, with the apparent harmony between the motifs color combinations that can be enjoyed by everyone. These ornaments contain profound meaning in relation to Islamic ideology.
Keywords: transfiguration, coating, abstract, and beauty.


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