TRAGEDI AL-MIHNAH (Studi Kasus Pada Masa Pemerintahan al-Ma'mun)

  • Rochimah M.Fil.I.


Mu’tazilah is one of Islamic teologies which is known as having rational and liberal characters. The characters which distinguish this school from others are that its theological views are supported by ‘Aqliyah’ tenets and more philosophic. This makes it well known as rationalist Islam. Since 100 H or 718 AD this view has given influence in Islamic societies and developed rapidly. The culmination of its renown was during the rule of Khalifah Al-Ma’mun. Moreover, Al Ma’mun decided that this course as the state official beliefin 827 AD. To socialize Mu’tazilah teaching, Al Ma’mun and his successors managed al Mihnah or inquisition, that is the dispersion of this belief and teachings forcefully and even violently. As the ruler, Al Ma’mun thought that it was his duty to maintain the purity of the religion and the truth enforcement in the state community. Hence, he chose the puritans to be state officers and judge.
Keywords: Kekuasaan al-Mihnah, mu'tazilah, al-Ma'mun


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