• Asep Tamam


Abstract: Nowadays, Arabic grammar learning become dilemmatic phenomenon. In Indonesia, it have been the most special trend learnt in Pesantrens and other Islamic institutions. The capable of “playing“ grammatical study is desired as “toll free†to understanding classic yellow books effort that is referred as Islamic foundation in our home land. Furthermore, centering Arabic learning based on grammatical science has been a dominant factor in Arabic students’ difficultness. The effort for being Arabic as expressive and productive language is running stagnant. Then, the effort to simply the chapters and sub-chapters in grammar instruction is being a crowded need in order Arabic to be friendly and docile instruction as communication tools. The Indonesian problematic is not only Arabic students’ problem. In the Middle Eastern, the one which are sources of Arabic in overseas, the difficult related to grammar instruction felt strongly. In VI century, Ibnu Madha started grammar reform and rejected strongly from the greatest Arabic scientist at that time. Nevertheless in the end of XIX century, the reform is continued and celebrated on XX century. Some effort that has been done did not get positive appreciation from Arabic scholar and students. No all reform opinion and items gave impression to make Arabic instruction easy. Nevertheless, whatever effort to make Arabic instruction easy is an effort to close Moslem on their communication,  especially, to language of their religion


Keywords: Arabic grammar, Arabic learning, Arabic instruction.


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Asep Tamam
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